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Coolidge is simply a variation of cool
Bob: I've got a new Macintosh
John: Coolidge!
by Joe Anderson August 10, 2006
18 11
v. To be overcome with immense sexual pleasure against one's will (the one being coolidged must be a male).
At the party Friday night, Mat was so drunk he refused sex, but the bitch coolidged him anyway.
by Derek Miller January 10, 2005
44 17
anything that is cool or tyte or whatever you say when you like something.
girl: I'm going to the left bamboozle concert! can you believe it?!?!
guy: coolidge!
by fattimama March 30, 2008
6 11
the act of losing one's cool, flipping out, taking a fit.
Bob went coolidge at his boss when he was passed over for the promotion and the swat team had to be called in.
by Jay June 05, 2003
6 27