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Shorts that go down to your knees and are really wide and look like a skirt
Hey, I like those coolats.
by Sarah February 21, 2005
there are pants that look like a skirt.
like those loose fitting capri pants that look like a skirt from one angle and pants from another, only longer.
by bailie April 20, 2005
Well i subsiquently found out that they were some sort of a skort thing that people thought were cool in the 70's
omg did u see that ladys coolats she's stuck in the 70's
by kellsbells125 February 10, 2005
no idea what it is but that add with that lady for rice cakes where she goes to my prom i wore coolats or w/e but now she's obsessed with rice cakes.
Person 1: dude what the hell are coolats
Person 2: god i dont know ask the stupid rice cake lady
by Kellsbells125 January 09, 2005

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