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A reference to the drink that killed over 900 people in 1978. Followers of Jim Jones, members of The People’s Temple, living in Jamestown, Guyana, were convinced, coerced, or otherwise forced to drink cool-aide laced with cyanine and some other fun substances that caused their deaths.

The term “don’t drink the cool-aide” refers to what has become an almost blind following of faith in government, news programs, corporations, etc. If someone is “drinking the cool-aide”, it means they are swallowing (no pun intended) the rhetoric without questioning the motives. Or, more bluntly, believing the lies they are being told.
"Our city is prepared in the event of an eartquake, flood, other natural disaster or terrorist attack. Want some more cool-aide?"

"The reason we are paying $<insert outrageous price here> for gasoline is because there is a shortage of petroleum. Here, have some cool-aide."

"We are consolidating positions and restructuring our organization to enhance communications and be better prepared to compete in a global economy. Pick up your check and enjoy our complimentary cool-aide."

by Big G Dawg September 19, 2005
- another word for cool

- homophones with famous drink Kool-Aide
That partayy was so Coolaide!
by Blehck! July 09, 2009
When someone has taken upon themselves to be calm about something, that might be just a little exciting.
Hey, say look, my appetite is over extending, so why you getting all up in my cool-aide for?
by Merrily McCarthy July 23, 2003
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