Nerds trying to be cool
"I was playin' Onimusha last night bro yo, and I kicked serious ass wipes dudelio!"

"That's awesome stuff dude. Totally off da hook!"

"You know it my home shizzle!"

"Let's go check out the latest pimpin' episode of my fav show!"

"What show is that, my home SKILLET?"

"Whaddya think man? Spongebob Squarepants of course! What do you think it was, some gayass show like Pimp My Ride?"

"No way, pimp home dog, that show sucks nizzle."

"Alright, we're missin' da SPONGEBOB MARATHON!!!!"

"Oh crap man, we better get our twinkies and the remote!"

"You know it bro yo!"
by X April 28, 2004
A guy/girl who is so crazy she is defined as nerd but does so much crazy stuff shes cool. They know how to have fun but there not Math genuses.
SArah is such a cool nerd she thought it would be funny to go to the party with only here underwear, She did and she started a treND!!!
by Splova2005 October 13, 2005
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