A sarcastic term said in a long tone right after a person has made an awkward comment about his or herself or someone else. Coined by Jack M. of NH.
"Guy1: I sleep with a basketball in my hand to get better at gripping the ball and my ball handling skillz.
Guy2: Cool Kid!!!
by imafrigginOMA1 November 06, 2008
A noun used to describe a grouping a people who are funny and say that they are coolkids as a sarcastic, yet serious term.

It was originated by Mikenna.
"We're you really a gangta banana for halloween?
"Yeahh, Imma coolkid, that's what I do"
by oOKenKenOo March 01, 2009
A bunch of kids who are popular at school. Usually very snotty and arrogant and call themselves either "PUNK" or "GANGSTAZ" and usually are white suburban kids who think they are black street kids. They usually go around with G-Unit shirts, "BLING BLING", acting "propa hard". They usually hate rock music "because it ain't gangsta like us". See popular and jock.
cool kid: yo yo yo foo i beat you up cuz you ain't gangsta and you a nerd yo.

A kid named Jake: Oh sure. Go ahead you big headed snot nosed bitch.
by Blahb April 08, 2005
1. A guy or girl who is over 30 at a Junior college. Usually with their mother or father and absolutely no life(only life is in D&D and/or World of Warcraft)Fat guy with glasses or anorexic pale skin tone.

2. Inside Joke. Make people think they are cool....but in reality, they are NOT!
That fat BITCH is such a cool kid.

Alecia's boyfriend Chris is such a cool kid.
by E & E January 25, 2008
A kid who constantly discuss the ghettos and get into trouble and fail often.
Little Johnny is considered a cool kid because he has all the features of ones and highly enphasizes the phrases, "yo ur in the ghetto."
by Fill Plates December 05, 2002

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