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Highway shoulder. Also, an oxymoron - the last place you want to break down in greater Boston is in the breakdown lane, especially during rush hour, when it becomes the high-speed lane (in some places, even legally). The state has built a series of emergency turn-outs along Rte. 128 so you can pull out of the breakdown lane if, in fact, your car breaks down.
Are car is dying, get into the breakdown lane
by wickedMA February 06, 2004
What you use to wheel your groceries around at the grocery store.
I'll go get a carrige to put our groceries in
by wickedMA February 06, 2004
The Bruins (NHL Boston team)
The B's play tonight home at the Fleet Center
by wickedMA February 06, 2004
You can serve them mashed, or whipped or boiled. POTATOES.

(Boston slang/accent)
Ma, are we having b'daydas with suppa?
by wickedMA February 06, 2004
Obnoxious, rude and generally not wanted person. Ya know the one who either does something or says something dumb.
"Who brought the cool kid?"
by wickedMA February 06, 2004

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