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The face you put on when in a troubling situation, eliciting a response of immediate dismissal by the subject of your trouble.
*sirens* *you pull over*
Your Buddy: "It'll be ok, just put on your cool face"
*Cop knocks on window*
Cop: "License and registration pl-"
You: "Problem, officer?
Cop: "Get the fuck out of here"
by Locus_Inferna February 08, 2009
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Popular internet meme, very distinct face of a man smiling so much it exceeds all limits in reality of cool and face.

So cool in fact the face is grinning while smiling and while half winking and while almost appearing to say "something"

Usually the face is shown saying what amounts to "something wrong?" giving the amazing coolness in the face, and complete lack of any display of guilt any person to question someone with such a face is overcome with a sense of this person is too 'cool' which causes the person looking at the cool face to feel inadequate, and in all cases results in that person telling them to "get the fuck out of here"

While the origin of the cool face is unknown, it is believed to have first surfaced on 4chan, it is most likely a self portrait of the creator, originally made for an avatar
Something Wrong Officer?

Cool Face
Get the fuck outta here!
by Typo92 March 10, 2009
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The facial expression one makes to silently assert one's innocence under the scrutinous eye of an authority figure, typically involing squinted eyes and a large. toothy grin.

Not to be confused with the trollface.
Troll2: "Oh shit, it's the cops! Put on your coolface!"

Troll1: *rolls down window*

Cop: "Son, do you know how f-"

Troll1: *coolface* "Problem, officer?"

Troll1: *coolface*

Troll1: *coolface*

Cop: Get the fuck out of here.
by Krasnak December 28, 2010
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Coolface is what the YouTubefags call the Trollface.
"Problem officer?" said the Tubefag, thinking ha's unique because he calls it Coolface/
by KawaiiMelon March 18, 2011
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A catchy line used to shut people down. It is said that there is not a known come back to this phrase.
Dean: you like like hell today ryan.
Ryan: cool face dean.
by Dean Cho February 08, 2007
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CoolFace is the coolest name in the world. It started out as a replacement for the name "Cloud" in Final Fantasy 7 because the originator had thought that "Cloud" had "a cool face". From there, it has evolved to a name used by 1337 Starcraft players.
Gosh CoolFace, Don't cannon rush me you cuntwaffle.
by Caboose May 26, 2004
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