A word used to fake happiness when another around you is excited.

*Note* Not a word accociated with any kind of "uplifting" or "inspirational" meaning
"Dude! I just did your mother!!"
"Cool beans?"
by phillipthenickle2 January 19, 2010
What you say when

~you find something to be cool, wicked, or awesome.
~if you just don't feel like giving a clear response.
Mark: Hey Jimmy look at my new toy dinosaur!
You: Cool beans!

Sally:...and then I ate some meat and then I rode a pony and then the pony ate my dollar so I had to kick it then it threw it back up and then I was happy!
You: cool beans....(whatever.)
by XpreppyXsceneXkidX...hahajk January 02, 2010
A phrase, used to indicate being pleased about something, accepting something, agreeing with something, also ending convosations and a phrase that can be used when there isnt really anything else to say, saves it from being arquard. Also used as a state of emotion; Happieness, feeling alright, being cool (but a slightly geekyer version of cool) being gernerally ok, or feeling shit and not wanting to say because you know it will start a big convosation on the topic. Copyright, to Lucy Wright, created the phrase 'Cool Beans.'
How are you?
Im good thanks, you?
Im cool beans.
by Raunchy RahRah November 23, 2009
An exclamation of excitement, used primarily in the lat 80's

Contrary to popular belief, the term "Cool Beans" originated because of a lawsuit in the early 80's between prior to then unheard of rapper "Kul Bheenz" and Wonder Snax, the Calafornia-based manufacturer of the "Cool Bean Dip Frozen Snak-Pak". an agreement was reached out of court, but due to extensive news coverage, the phrase stuck.
1 - "I found an awesome CD for only $4.99 at FYE"
2 - "Cool Beans!"
by KulBheenzFan27 April 26, 2009
A phrase used by pre-teens and immature people instead of simply saying cool.
Mary: "I just got a new puppy!"
Lina: "OMG! COOL BEANS!!!!"

Mary: -____-
by spaghetti-fever August 18, 2012

Though the phrase was revived in the 1940s and 50s jazz scene, it's a 19th century corruption of the French "Course Bien" (pronounced coo be ah).
You: Okay, your car is now fixed.
Me: Cool Beans.
by Floopie January 27, 2012
When the the phrase "cool beans" is said, it usually means "cool" but its even cooler to add the beans. Also said when one is telling a story and when is done you don't really care so you just say "cool beans"
kid 1: "YA then we went swimming"

YOU: "Cool beans."


kid 1: "you know what sucks?"
YOU: "what?"
kid 1: "my gf dumped me"
YOU: "cool beans."
(a way to lose a friend quickly)
by AGIRLWHOLIVED December 20, 2010

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