Amazing word used in Hot Rod excessively at one point.
C-c-c-cool b-b-b-beans!!!
coo-coo-cool bee-bee-beans
cool beans used by hot rod.
by Thargh August 05, 2007
Something you say to a square when they tell a dumb joke, or to a square when they try to do something to impress you and make an ass of themself.
The square says, "hey everyone, I just smoked an oregano joint, whew-wee, what a rush!"

The response, "wow, cool beans. Bitch."
by Eapert McDangles June 10, 2006
Nerd or Geekified term as a subsitute for 'awesome', 'wicked' or 'sweet'!
Jake: I just constructed a fully-functional U.S.S Enterprise-D replicia of a Transporter.

Shaun: Cool beans!
by Vader February 26, 2004
Takes the place of words such as:awesome, cool, hott...and so on. But is much more intresting than the ones listed. Savannah invented this word. She is pratically the defenition of it.
Adam: I got an A on my test!
Savvy:Cool beans man!
Adam: I know man, Now I'll pass!
Savvy:Cool beans man!
by Savvy Daniel October 21, 2006
Used to describe an excellent blend of coffee, roasted to perfection.
That's a sweet cup o' Joe.
Cool Beans!
by Albus October 04, 2005
Its just a enhanced version of kool and can be substituted in its place whenever extra enthusiasm is needed.
Cool beans!
by Pee Wee May 01, 2003
Another name for the drug ecstacy
"Jerry you got the cool beans?"
by Charlie P May 31, 2006

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