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is a persone who is always calm, sociable, has great sense in music, doesnt have any problems whatsoever and is a persone to talk to when you a problem or (almost every time he has the solution)this guy is so confedent that he really doesnt mind being bothered.
matt: that alan is really a cool dude he told me what to do to get that hot chick
sean: dude no way, your f***ing headius
matt: i know, what can i tell youm
matt: only that he is a cool dude!
by none85 April 25, 2005
A frozen camel's penis
When a camel's penis is frozen, it is known as a cool dude
by very_unoriginal December 14, 2010
your a lost bored cunt KYS buddy
hey cooldude i heard u fell in the river...
by the real doufas March 31, 2003
The Exact Opposite Of Blind Idiots
You the Cool Dude. :)
by H14qqq0+TUdE=KeWl September 11, 2007
Something you say to your someone when they tell you something that could be interesting but you feel like being a sarcastic dick. Make sure you let that cool really ring out like this: cooooooooool. ussually followed up by a quick comment about something better you have done.
James: Matt i got my license!!

Matt: Cool dude i got mine three fucking years ago.

James: You're a dick

Matt: Atleast i've had my license for three years
by James Meyerhoff January 22, 2009
An expression used to show a lack of interest in someone's comment or opinion. Used in a sarcastic sense to emphasize that you don't care.
"I lost my virginity today!"

"Cool dude"

by cooldude111 January 22, 2011
A person who describes another being with this adjective insults them, referring to them as being a camel's penis.
Person 1: Heeey man, look at mah mad wheelz and mah full on sub woofer
Person 2: wow.. you're a cool dude...
by Jayjello September 29, 2010