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mistaken word for KUFI

Some Muslims wear a kippah equivalent called a kufi. In the United States, the kufi is often associated with Muslims of African descent. A possible origin of this practice is a particular sunnah which states that the followers of Mohammed were never seen without a head covering.citation needed A kufi covers most of the head and is usually white or black.The modern Kufis worn by Muslims were influenced by the kippot worn by the Jews of Arabia
Ima Smack Dat Coofy off yo he4d Beeeoch!

aka Coofy Smack
by myspacecom/bwar May 17, 2007
Coofy :plural coofies A coofy is when you hit some one on the forehead when they make a stupid remark or statement. You can also coofy some one when being sily or stupid.
I gave a coofy to Sandy for saying that two plus two equals 5.
plural sentence: I gave so many coofies today, how many people can be so silly and stupid?!
by njgirl221 July 02, 2014
A mix between Cute and Goofy. Basically, adorable.
Bennet and Anna are super Coofy together.
by bbbbbbbelle February 23, 2011
Being goofy in a cute way. Cute + Goofy = Coofy
Mr. Dan is so coofy.
by Shane-r October 14, 2007
Coofy is a new slang term meaning pussy.
Jim Jones from Dipset uses the word a lot.
Example: "I'll smack da coofy off ya head"
by TRiZ May 19, 2006
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