a girl named corinna elizabeth cocchi.
short brown curly hair, blue eyes, about 5'3 in height, friend of amanda marie richter.
when you are having a conversiation about vaginas you might use this word.. "coochy"
by coochy January 14, 2009
Top Definition
Vulgar slang for vagina.
That's one smelly ass coochy!
by Nesiuc July 20, 2004
The place the penis enters the girl (also see vagina)
The penis enters the coochy during missionary position
by Jaba February 28, 2003
what black people call pussy
yo u see shamikas coochy it was huge
by carl March 30, 2004
A man that acts like a lil bitch
Tommy you are such a damn coochy!
by Marty Lee March 20, 2004
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