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when a male mooches off of another male friend for a vulnerable ex girlfriend to get some easy ass.
fuck john. that's the third phone number i've given you this week. you're being a cooch mooch.
by Judge Scott September 13, 2003
Noun: A woman who uses sex for material gain.

Verb: To use sex for material gain.

A friend of mine coined this phrase. Since she rarely says anything disparaging, it is both scathing and funny.
She cooch mooched a car out of him.

That cooch mooch is looking for a sugar daddy.
by Diva Dahling January 09, 2012
Freeloading vagina begger that does nothing to earn the love. And is always looking for the easy exit.

Also a person who takes advantage of giving women.
John, are you two gonna be in there all day?

John: until she kicks me out!

Man, you are such a cooch mooch!
by bluecoyote March 30, 2014
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