1. To be cooler than cool. Coobs has worked its way into internet chat slang. Used mainly in MSN conversations and mmorpg chats, this word is a hip twist on a combination of the words cool and boobs, which elevates its meaning above plain old cool.
The most common use for coobs stems from talking to your friends on msn. They may say something that you don't really feel like responding to, and that's when you type "coobs". They'll be like, "sweet, he was listening", when you really weren't.
by Ian Aitchison May 22, 2006
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noun :a woman who often reacts in a cantankerous, opinionated manner as she approaches the pre menopausal stage of her life ...this behaviour is nearly always accompanied by or closely followed by, the desire to shag or the need to sexually fantasize about anyone who makes her laugh hard enough. A coob can often be identified by her mating call which sounds rather like 'baguette'
- she acted like a complete coob in the bakery

- when she couldn't get the wrapping off the butter quick enough she started ranting like a right coob

- she's as horny as a coob
by coobhq July 01, 2010
Cougar Boobs
wow debbie you have coobs
by Silent Warbird July 06, 2011
The mixture between a cooch and a boob
she has a nice coob
by prometheus01 February 24, 2011
Cat Boobs. As one would say moobs (man boobs).
My cat has some serious coobs, they wiggle when she walks.
by WTFisthat?83 July 01, 2011
cool boobs on a person
i saw coobs thats cool
by Anthony Ferrari August 23, 2007
The art of the drop shot, perfected by matthew mcooblie. Frustrates kids to the point of self inflicted pain
dude that fucked just coobed me hes such a die hard
by jpm23 April 04, 2010

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