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A significant other who is a live in partner. A domestic partner. A name you give someone who is more than just your boyfriend or girlfriend and not quite your spouse. Con~ latin for with; vivir~ latin for live.
My convivant and I share a home with our two cats and a roomate.
by Patricia jadeekat February 05, 2006
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live in boy or girl friend, significant other, unmarried
She had been his convivant for the last four years, almost making them common law married.
by Lloyd October 07, 2003
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Source: This word was introduced by Simon Winchester on NPR. (Maybe on Oct-14-2002, Talk of the Nation )
His convivant dumped him when she saw him messing around.
by Kim Dammers April 05, 2008
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a person of poor or hoodish taste; any general hoodlum, who may or may not appreciate the shittier things in life, especially those things that those of refined taste look down upon (like fart jokes, Nextel cell phones or walkies).

a menacing or malefactious person
Any hoodlum, menace, wrongdoer, or malefactor

A "con vivant" is the opposite of a "bon vivant."
by Paw-Paw June 07, 2007
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