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(noun) Possessions that you highly regard in which you exhibit great, obsessive control over. Sacred to your control only.
Examples may include your laptop, cell phone, desk space, notebooks, agenda book, etc.
Stop! Don't mess with my laptop settings! Back away from my controllable!

You're reading my text messages?! Are you know my phone is one of my controllables!
by Stephanie Cooper June 30, 2008
When a certain group/person cannot be affected by trolling.

The opposite word of "trollable" when trolling-actions leads to a reaction.

Troll: *posting offensive comment*

Members: -no reaction at all-

The members are therefore con-trollable.
by Irvall January 28, 2011
The ability to be trolled
Guy1: So my girlfriend has been controlling me...

Guy2: I didn't know you were so controllable
by Malkim November 22, 2011
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