somebody's ass crack hanging out of their damn pants when they're sitting down
that fat dude is showin the continental divide
#asscrack #ass #crack #continental #divide
by damnkatie May 04, 2007
Top Definition
the line that runs down your balls and continues towards your ass hole that seperates your right and left sack. it looks like your nut sack has been sewn together.
she was licking on my continental divide and it felt fantastic.
#ball zipper #nut zipper #nut stitch #sack hem #scrotum seperator
by camdangalang September 16, 2008
Another word for taint or grundle
Andrew was being such a shit at the party! I told him if he didn't shutup I was going to kick him right in the continental divide!
#taint #grundle #ass #balls #sack
by AMONLG_oh8 December 17, 2008
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