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A term embracing the noble blood of the residents of Kent County, Delaware. These squires and countesses represent the elite society of The Peninsula. Contemplative chazz (spelled chass in Englad) have supported the crown for several hundred years. Recent scholars have likened this elite group to the freemasons and the contemporary knights. The earliest known connection to the monarchy is when a young squire of the TCC entered the court of Henry VIII and bemused the crowd when he introduced what was then incomprehensible but what is known today as "equity." The motto for this ancient sect is audax at fidelis.
Contemplative chazz past and present members include, inter alia, delawareDiva, the Chazz, the freakin rican, Andrew Jackson, and Cardinal Woolsey.

A contemplative chazz might be heard saying "Guys in my high school used to be the King of England all the time. It was no big deal. My name is Napolean and I live in a mental institution."
by Dover 4L January 08, 2008
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