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A combination of the words "Contemporary" and "Issues". A course taken by cool students at Choate Rosemary Hall theat studies Global and National political problems or events
1. I learned about Illegal Immigration in Contempish.

2. Hey Nick, see you in Contempish.
by Qwerty Asbnm October 28, 2006

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abbreviation for Contemporary Issues, a class taken by cool Choate Rosemary Hall students in which they learn about current political issues both national and worldwide. Most 3rd formers take this class, but only the luckiest of contemp ish students have Mr. Mills as a teacher.
Kelly: Yo, wanna go to lunch with me?
Peter: Can't, I'm gonna be late for contemp ish!
Chris: Kelly, aren't you in our class...?
Kelly: Oh yeah. Let's go.
by laxkksj October 17, 2006