Used by military personnel to report an encounter with enemy forces. Enemy forces are not necessarily human enemy but can be enemy IDF (Indirect fire) ie Artillery, or IED's/mines.
"Hello 0, this is 12, contact, enemy infantry, wait out"
by hazza59 February 04, 2013
Blowing smoke from a blunt into another's face.
*puff* let me contact you bitch, open your mouth. *blow*
by Whang August 11, 2003
An often shunned move in the game Eight
"You bastard! You used contact"
by Chris!! April 28, 2007
TO commit osculation with
His hand contacted my basket ball
by larstait October 11, 2003
The most annoying and painfull thing on the planet. You practically poke your eye our just to get them in, then 12 hours later you have to get them out of your bloodshot eyes. Major pain in the ass.

Yet I perfer them over glasses.
AHH!!! Stupid #$^%$@&@ contacts!!!! That mofo just fell off my eye!
by I'm bitchy give me chocolate December 22, 2006

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