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Destruction in which no one is hurt, with a positive end result, such as catharsis, joy, jubilation, uncontrolled laughter, a feeling of release, an elevated spirit, a sense of relief, a sense of empowerment, a sense of adventure, or just the satisfaction of doing something that you would never have done, otherwise. Specifically, the smashing of ceramic and glassware, in a place created for this purpose only.

The act of releasing negative or pent up energy in a safe, controlled environment, so as to avoid lashing out at others, and to perpetuate proper behavior in public.

Smashing something, and having an incredibly fun time doing it.

Packaged and introduced to mainstream America, and brought into widespread modern acceptance, by a shop in San Diego, called Sarah's Smash Shack.
John: "I need to do something fun and different tonight. I feel a little pent up and irritated by life in general. I think I'll go take part in some constructive destruction at Sarah's Smash Shack. Yeah, I'm going to smash some shit up, and let go of this crap."

Christine: "I've heard of that! Constructive destruction! Smashing shit, where no one gets hurt, and they clean up the mess. No regrets! What a great idea. I've got some crap, I need to throw away, too!"
by GingerMac July 04, 2009
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