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A console gaming person whos idea of depth in
a game is twitching till thier thumbs fall off.

Coined by Yahtzee the star Game reviewer (as far as i know)
Brotherhood of steel is a rpg for consoletards.
by Mightytights May 06, 2008
A console fan with limited or no knowledge/interest of games that were released before the current console generation.
Prestigious PC gamer: Fallout is a great game.

Consoletard: Yeah, I love Bethesda games.
Prestigious PC gamer: I meant Fallout 1&2 .
Consoletard: There was a Fallout 2?
Prestigious PC gamer: Fucking consoletard.
by thesisko August 12, 2013
Stupid gamers that argue which is the best console of the console war.
Dood, PS3 is so much better than all consoles ever existed.

You're completely retarded, just another consoletards.
by Anon12576343 November 05, 2010
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