You know... that one guy who's always talking about lazy motherfuckers when he is actually one as well. He wants no law to restrain him from building a motor in his garage and importing phillipino hookers. He says that ron paul should be elected so that we can revert back to a barter system where only real men can survive and reproduce. He read atlas shrugged and was inspired enough to quit his job at mcdonalds to start a band called rand flag. Everything he has accomplished has been by himself, at least that's what his father taught him (used car salesman). You know.... that one guy who stands alone with every original idea we've ever heard.
Hey bill get out of the garage!

Conservative punk: Fuck no man! I'm gonna build the world!!! Get outta here with your socialist propaganda and your buttfuckingly horrendous authority over me!

Hey bill! You just need a hug!!
by billsintervention June 08, 2010
A masochistic ignorant tool for corporate globalization and the iq equivalent of a liberal punk. They have an astonishing inability to see they take more from the world than they actually give. They generally hate everybody and think they are god's gift to free market exploitation. When usually they forget they have a mowawk and nobody takes them seriously.

Dickweed#1: I'm a conservative punk because i'm creative and earned every penny i have. Fuck everybody who can't come up with lyrics like "i gave your kid aids."

Dickweed#2: I'm a liberal punk who plays guitar on weekends and dreams of getting off my fat ass to do community service.

Some guy: How about fuck people who try to impose their beliefs on others whether it be business or government.
by cactusfucker March 09, 2008
An extremely contradicting phrase. You can't be a conservative and a punk. Not only is it un-intelligent, but it is also very disgraceful and pathetic. A conservative punk doesn't exist today, and most likely won't later on.
Poseur: Lyke, totally you guys! I'm totally punk!
Punk: Really now? What are your political prefferances?
Poseur: Well, I'm like, totally a conservative because I like, hate black people and um... bush is lyke, totally awesome!
Punk: You poseur. What's you're favorite band, you so called "punk".
Poseur: Ahh! It's totally Simple Plan.
Punk: I'm not surprised. Punk is about disregaurding orders and ANARCHY! You are a disgrace to true punks everywhere.
Poseur: OMG! But I thought that it was lyke, for rich white girls like me!
Punk: Go suck one of your crappy ass Avril Lavigne CD's
Poseur: Oooook! yay!
by Ginger T. August 07, 2005
An oxymoron. Ur not punk if you dont wanna overthrow the government.
Johnny Ramone is not a punk, he supports reagan.
by Tony ramone June 19, 2005
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