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A conscivore isn't a vegan, a vegetarian or even an omnivore, per se. The conscivore is defined by his/her conscientious choices made during the food purchasing and consumption process. They may primarily be vegetarian, while occasionally infusing their diet with locally produced/organic meat. Similarly, a consivore is aware of the origins of their milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables, trying wherever possible, to eat fresher and closer to home.
Snob-nozed vegetarian: "hey you're no vegetarian, i saw you eating steak the other night when I came over!!"

Conscivore: "yes, on occasion I eat meat, but only from local and/or organic sources. And no, I'm not a vegetarian, I'm a conscivore, and the planet and I are healthier because of it."
by TheFarmer January 22, 2008
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