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n. someone that takes the literal meaning of words, subject, or concept and tries to apply logic which essentially ruins the original intent (often fun and playful)
Rod: That definition makes no sense, what does a conquistador have to do with Asian women? The Spanish never conquered Asia - maybe the Philippines but that was it...
Tiff: OMG, you are the conquistador - stop over analyzing and take it for what it is, its urbandictionary jeez.
by urbaniam November 29, 2011
n. Caucasian man that dates asian women.
John: I hear Bob is getting a mail-order bride...
Steve: Yeah man, that guy's a total conquistador.
by Will Z May 16, 2007
Someone whos sexually conquered all 3 major holes in the female anatomy.
Chaznard is a Conquistador
by miguel November 01, 2004
When you're sitting in your office chair and you feel a fart travel up both the top of your asscrack and over your taint; usually occurs when clothes are tight on your body and sitting upright in a chair.
Dan: Wow Logan! That was a discusting noise. Did you just shit your pants?
Logan: Haha, no man. Just been conquered by another Conquistador.

Dan: That's unfortunate. There sure has been a lot of explorin' today.
by RamZer0 May 09, 2011
Someone who has many conquests sexually. Someone who has an excessive amount of sexual partners without emotion.
Conquistador #1: man, i hooked up with 3 differnt girls this week!
Conquistador #2: no way!.... i only got 2!
by kissmekate January 29, 2006
What you yell at people of a different race then run away, especially when they take your normal sitting area and listen to very loud salsa music all the time.
Man 1: Yes!! The Conqustadors are gone
Man 2: Probably to combat the spanish armada
by ConquistadorsOuttaTheHallway April 29, 2005
Some one who often beats the crap out of people who are of Russian decent.
Conquistador: Hey Dmitriy, Time to get pwned.
by Guy April 20, 2004