con artist, stalker, lurker
you would NOT want your child to grow up to be a conj.
by steven rx June 30, 2006
Top Definition
to bleed profusely from the anus.
I'm so angry i could conj!
I'm gunna conj on your face!
Look out! He's gunna conj!
by c-leo and d-dubbs December 08, 2008
ringleader of lurking.
Bill: wow... you sat outside your boyfriends window & watched him sleep? you pulled a total conj yo.
by lucie 2 June 30, 2006
A well known character in naas. Best known for his ginger skin head and his father, Ronj. Has a passion for darts and can be found in Boyles most days or else somewhere smoking a rollie whilst singing an Irish classic.
'Conj is some man for one man!'
'I asked for a bag of Cheetos but got conj instead.'
by Naasistheplace May 20, 2015
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