Spanish word meaning damn or shit (see also mierda). These meanings are from the Dominican Republic only. Some people refer to it as fuck.
Conio! I dropped this mierda on my toe!
Conio!(When you hurt yourself)
by Todd Cabrera October 31, 2003
Top Definition
spain / latin america
The official definition is CUNT / PUSSY...
But it's also used instead of the word SHIT
by Audrey June 27, 2004
In the Philippines, the word "conio" is used to describe spoiled rich kids who often mix their English and Tagalog, resulting in sentences like: "Oh my naman! I have to make aral so i can make pasar the exam bukas!"
by Tubod October 16, 2003
A non-standard input library for the C programming language. Includes such useful functions as getch() and kbhit(). Good to use if you need reactive input in a console program.
#include <conio>
/* Jesus Christ, I have just now included the conio library. That's just fucking amazing, ain't it? */
by J to tha C December 06, 2008
spanish for fuck
Conio! why are you gonna arrest me?
by Loisaida May 07, 2003
someone that tries so hard to conform to the socially acceptable trend / fashion.
Harold A. is so conio.
by Raffy June 25, 2004
cocaine originating from mehico
damn vato,that conio es mucho caliente!
translation: shoot buddy, that mexican cocaine is really hot!
by moondy February 24, 2005
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