Short hand for congratulations on your graduation. Used especially often in China.
Wei; I hear you're graduating next week.
Zhou: Yes.
Wei: Congraduations! You did glate job.
by latefordinner May 20, 2013
Top Definition
what lazy people say instead of "congratulations on your graduation". This is also much easier to write on top of a cake. (unless you have a gigantic cake, in which case, invite us over!)
Friend 1: "Yeah, it only took 10 years, but Heather finally graduated from college."
Friend 2: "Well, tell that bitch congraduations for me!"
by Mollie Mo February 14, 2006
1)n.- specific expression of joy in the success of graduating.

2) n.- the act of congraduating

"It took a lot of work and six years, but, congraduations, my man!"
by Col. Dante Knucklebuckle November 17, 2009
1. What my ghetto Food Lion wrote on my wife's cake when I told them to write 'Congratulations.'

No, it wasn't for a graduation, they're just retarded. I mean, at the very least they could have put an 's' at the end. Seriously.

2. A pretty cool word if you think about it. 'Congratulations on your graduation' takes altogether too much effort to say, so for the lazy 'Congraduations!' is a fantastic time saver.
Class of 1999 iz tH3 Roxorz! CONGRADUATIONS!
by Flight23 June 29, 2007
"Congratulations" and "Graduation" in one word... makes things seem less redundant. "Congraduation(s)!" sounds a hell of a lot better and less homo than "Congratulations on your graduation!"
Grad: Off to ccollege. Damn, I can't wait to butt fuck me some sluts!

Grandpa: Happy congraduation, Boris.

Grad: Thanks, grand pop!
by YapmelkXela January 06, 2010
a contraction of "Congradulations on your graduation"

2. the act of being mobbed by well-wishers at a graduation party
1. Congraduation, dude - we're finally out of here!

2.I tried to slip out the back door and get away from all the old people, but I got Congraduated
by Superace June 17, 2005
Congratulations on your Graduation. These words are too long and so close anyway, why not just morph them and save a ton of time and energy! TTYL
Lindsey: "I just got my high school diploma."

Dad: "Well honey, CONGRADUATIONS"
by Bruce Sei. May 31, 2008
A compromise of two words meshed together to congratulate a graduate of a college, or university students success.
Congraduation, Michael!

I Congraduated Michael on his recent College graduation the other day,
by Sir Scorn September 03, 2010
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