a state of confusion, usually pertaining to ditzy blonds.
"I'm so confuzzeled, I don't get it!"
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
Top Definition
confused but in a cuter way
im am very confuzzeled. :(
by kristi October 30, 2004
another meaning for confused.
wait what? Now I am confuzzeled. Thanks a lot, loser!!
by Jennifer W. September 17, 2007
Awesomely confused
I am confuzzeled with weather I should buy dinosaur chicken nuggets or the harry potter ones
by MandrinATION April 07, 2011
the state of being confused only saying confuzzeled makes it sound awesomer. (:
i was so confuzzeled by what clairbear was saying
by Optimus Pime (>^-^)> May 26, 2011
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