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a mix of confused and frustrated, which often come together
"I can't make sense of this manual - I'm so confustrated."
by bodhilicious1 July 21, 2008
When your so confused. Oftenly used by texting
In a text
Sue: hey do u wana g 2 the mall l8r
Blondie: sure
Sue: kk Ill pick u up at 6
Blondie:no i g2g2 a dentist at 5
Sue: r u sure cause if u come jack will leave and if jack leaves Stephanie and Ryan will totaly come and then jen will leave and i invited her out of pitty.
Blondie: wait I'm confustrated.
by chutzpah July 24, 2008
Being both confused and frustrated at the same time can often lead to confustration.
You make me so confustrated and it's just not fair.

You're confustrating. One minute you love me and then you don't the next.
by Molliers May 31, 2015

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