When you walk into a room and forget why you did.
"Why did I come into the kitchen again? What did I want? Damn, I'm confuckled."
by Number12 June 30, 2012
Top Definition
the state in which you are so confused that you know you are fucked.
I didnt pay attention in Honors Western Civilizations and when the homework was passed out I knew I was confuckled!
by Shaniqua McWhite September 22, 2006
Confuckled means being very very fucking confused.
"hey bruh les get it u no wut im sayin i mean u kno"
Stfu ur confuckling me.

Im so confuckled.
by youshouldknowbynow. August 02, 2011
Momentary retardation coupled with utter confusion. The state of being confuckled.
1. Nancy is so confuckled.
2. Herb confuckles the piss out of me.
by anklemeat December 12, 2011
When someone is a mixture of confused and has no exact idea of what is going on.
Guy: She ate me then went to go watch TV

Girl: What? I'm confuckled?
by CallingChain February 20, 2015
1.A extreem version of being confused.

2.The act or state of being fucked.

3.Totally and utterly confused in a fucked up way.

4. Your in a fucked up situation in which your confused.
To a Friend: Hey what the fuck is this dude?
Friend: *looks at 'other'and see's something beyond confusing and disgusting* Well i'm confuckled.
by Natashia Giesbrecht January 24, 2006
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