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Confuckled means being very very fucking confused.
"hey bruh les get it u no wut im sayin i mean u kno"
Stfu ur confuckling me.

Im so confuckled.
by youshouldknowbynow. August 02, 2011
4 1
the state in which you are so confused that you know you are fucked.
I didnt pay attention in Honors Western Civilizations and when the homework was passed out I knew I was confuckled!
by Shaniqua McWhite September 22, 2006
40 5
Momentary retardation coupled with utter confusion. The state of being confuckled.
1. Nancy is so confuckled.
2. Herb confuckles the piss out of me.
by anklemeat December 12, 2011
2 0
Confused beyond fuck.
What the hell is going on here? I'm confuckled.
by tweek45345 February 12, 2013
3 2
When you walk into a room and forget why you did.
"Why did I come into the kitchen again? What did I want? Damn, I'm confuckled."
by Number12 June 30, 2012
0 0
1.A extreem version of being confused.

2.The act or state of being fucked.

3.Totally and utterly confused in a fucked up way.

4. Your in a fucked up situation in which your confused.
To a Friend: Hey what the fuck is this dude?
Friend: *looks at 'other'and see's something beyond confusing and disgusting* Well i'm confuckled.
by Natashia Giesbrecht January 24, 2006
14 18
confused and fucked(screwed,doomed) at the same time
I was so confuckled on the final exam all becuase i didnt study and i screwed around in class.
by undyingobsession July 08, 2005
10 16