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The act of feeling mad and confused at the same moment in time.

You're heated, but confused about why and/or what you're heated about


You're heated, but confused about what the fuck just happened.
Dave: "I'm confeated as hell"
Craig: "Why?"
Dave: "My girl left me for another dude. I done everything a good boyfriend would do but I still ended up fucked in the end. Like what the fuck?"

Nick: "Dude I'm heated as hell"
Sam: "Why?"
Nick: "I don't know, I'm just heated."
Sam: "Yo' confeated ass"

Lucy: "I'm confused"
Steve: "About what?"
Lucy: "Everything, and it's really pissin me off. I'm getting more and more confeated by the second"
by 2Tech December 23, 2008
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