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A word denoted to the gaps in our memory that we fill in with a plausable but yet imagined memory.
And no, it's different to a hallucination, as a confabulation can only be retrospective (hallucinations are happening at the time)
"No, that didn't really happen, George. What you have just experienced was a confabulation."

"But i swear that time in year 8 the teacher was wearing huge come fuck me boots to class..."
by Franga February 19, 2008
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a reaction to memory loss where one fills in gaps of forgotten time with "inappropriate words"
Latoya: "heyyy bob. that was some party last night"

Bob: "oh yeah. i loved the part where... WTF?! OMFG! u beyotch! coffee! WTH?...yup, that was good stuff"

Latoya: "umm...?"

Kayli: "oh don't mind bob, he's just suffering from confabulation. poor guy"
by i<3life August 25, 2009
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I fell asleep during his confabulation.
by Herman D. Optional July 29, 2004
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1) Wagging your chin
2) Making a holla
3) Generally being a lyrical don!!!
dudes, jens all like confabulating up the crowd! Confabulation
by Jazzy Jim December 05, 2005
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