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The shortened version of the word Confidence. It is replacing the word swag or swagger, since they are very overused
JaDaniel:How does this cardigan look?
DeBrandon: CONF!!!!!!!
by Daddy Long Stroke November 28, 2011
4 0
someone who has the words "big shot" on their back pack, points to unexisting people, and gives people the sideways eye also a user of davidnese
dude, davids being so conf!

stop giving me the eye u little conf bigshot

wait i cant hear u, u have a lisp < conf!

kaya and darwin are so conf sitting in their little holes
by grshhhh April 11, 2008
25 4
conference phone line. phone lines that hackers use to communicate with other hackers.
by pat_ February 22, 2003
8 8
To gain confidence with the opposite sex, from talking, texting etc.
Hi Chris, you get conf with Laura today?
by Ryan_Smith_wba November 27, 2007
3 4