to contemplate whether or not a condom is needed in the heat of a sexual act.
1. Jimmy had some serious condomplating to do when he was having a hard time opening the condom wrapper.

2. While Jenny was waiting for Jimmy to open the condom wrapper she condomplated whether the condom was necessary or not, she was on birth control after all.
#condomplating #condomplated #condomplates #condomplater #condomplait
by heymon October 25, 2009
Top Definition
To contemplate the use of a condom.
She threw me in my bed, ripped off my pants, and that's when I had to condomplate. I mean sure, I've got a few condoms in my bedside drawer, but do I really want to risk ruining the moment?
#condomplating #condomplation #condomplated #contemplate #consider
by Treyfo' May 23, 2011
to contemplate about buying a condom
contemplating of buying a condom
1. I was condomplating at the grocery earlier.
2. You should condomplate if you're meeting up with your ex tonight.
#contemplate #condom #thinking #buying a condom #condom purchase
by [d]ud[z] August 19, 2011
To consider having safe sex with
I was out last night and condomplated just about every guy I saw
#sex #condom #birth control #contemplate #safe sex #hook up
by Courage Breaker April 24, 2011
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