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1.Mary's "crack up word"

2.To Mary: the worlds funniest word
ex.to stare Mary in the eyes and say CONCUSSION
by anonymous November 05, 2004
14 56
What eric lindros gets every time he steps onto the ice.
Commentator1: and another big hit by stevens...slamming lindros to the ice....

Commentator2: all of his brain cells have just left the building.
by ArchDevil July 26, 2004
91 32
oral sex done to a man that was very pleasing;when eyes roll in back of head
"A I just a concussion"
by ya boi swingem October 11, 2003
34 57
A White boy camethis up!it means a BLOW TO THE Head,but domish like!
Man she can run and give me a concussion,AT THE SAME TIME!!!
by Travis Fountain May 07, 2003
26 58