NKU or a shitstem city
"No sun will shine, in my day today"
"Poor fuckin' Chris, he goes to the concrete jungle"
by You fuckin' know March 09, 2003
A hardcore , grimy, crime ridden city such as NYC, Newark(NJ), Miami, Los Angeles, really any city with a ghetto.If you want a better explanation listen to Bob Marley....
Damn, I got off the wrong exit and got stuck right in the concrete jungle...
by Symone..AKA Ill NANA December 17, 2003
Not just a city with a ghetto , any large city . Just think about the name , jungles have hella trees but a concrete jungle has hella buildings , yah dig ?
Juelz Santana: I was taught be smart stay humble . I was taught be hard , dont fumble . I was taught in this concrete jungle , rumble young man rumble .
by Valentine K April 13, 2008
The act of pooping in a random place.
Dude 1 :" Dude I built a concrete jungle on her steps"

Dude 2 :" Sick."
by Frizzel&Fraggel April 28, 2011

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