somone who lies all the time, for attention and to seem cool.
Often stories are to farfetched to be true.
When confronted about such lies they will often try to make the story more believeable.
Do you know one?
tony(compulsive liar)
Guy(person who laughs at compulsive liar)
Guy: Mount everest is huge eh?
tony: I climbed it once.
Guy: No you didn't!
tony: Well not all the way but I was there.
by WO0DS January 04, 2010
Someone who lies about everything for no reason.
Tony Schneider is a compulsive liar
by Cousins everywheres December 19, 2013
someone that repetitively lies over and over
Kalie Lynn Obenour is a compulsive liar :D
by dabomber92 January 01, 2012
Cum•pūl•sîvè | ly•îng | dîs•ōr•der

Compulsive Lying Disorder // the act of lying so frequently you start to believe your own lies
She is such a compulsive liar
by Compulsivelyingdisorder May 24, 2016
a term that someone will call someone else when they know they are wrong
You can never just admit when you're wrong
You re actually such a compulsive liar
by swaycity69 February 19, 2015
Someone who makes up stories because they think they are cool. They aren't fooling anyone.... Kyle.
Kyle was telling Chad about a story about his cat and about when he got ding dong ditched. what a compulsive liar
by Retards for life November 01, 2007
An ex-boyfriend who tells his knew girlfriend he's a virgin when you remember distincly f*cking him.
Boyfriend:"Honey, I swear I am a virgin!"
Girlfriend:"Well your exfriend says other wise."
Boyfriend:"Uhhhhhh....Well we only did it once"
by 2ey December 25, 2003
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