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When someone gives you a compliment that can be mistaken for an insult or is intertwined with an insult. Usually, the person who gets the compliminsult will say thank you, but later will wonder if the compliminsult was meant meanly or nicely. Not to be confused with constructive criticism, in which the person wants to help the receiver improve him/herself.
-You're not as ugly as you used to be!

-You're so tall! Now all you need is some coordination and you could be the next Michael Jordan!

-Wow, that plastic surgery did wonders for you! Now all you need is a little nip tuck around the belly and youll be ready for swimsuit season!

- Person 1: Your recent weight gain really suits you!

Person 2: Uhm. Thanks for the compliment...or was that an insult?...wait a second! Why did you just give me a compliminsult?!?
by wellokiguess February 27, 2010
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