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A monologue of complaints - usually they are very long-winded, eclectic and poorly thought out. They are often followed up by the complainologuer doing nothing about the complaints.
"Man, we could have gone anywhere. We could have gone to Florida and floated around that inner tube river all fucking DAY....could have gotten the keys to fuckin' DISNEY WORLD, but nooo, we had to come out to see this dried up piece of turd. Who the hell would choose to live here? It's hot as fuck here. No. This is beyond hot. This place ate hot up and shat it out. This is HELL, man. The only plants in hell are cacti. Seriously what the fuck are we doing here?"

"...Are you done with your complainologue now?"


I can't stand my cow-orker, she doesn't do any work. She just fucking complainologues all day and never does anything about anything.
by Wofl-Iron November 06, 2009
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