Corporate language refering to a person's salary, esp. if said salary is ludicrously high and/or the person in question is a celebrity or otherwise someone whose job is also his/her hobby.
Mr. Beckham is guaranteed a total compensation of minimum $4 million per annum under the terms of his new contract, an MLS spokesman said.
by bikeridetothemoon May 29, 2012
Top Definition
way of making up for your small cock
see truck
he's compensating for his small cock with that big-ass truck
by Cliff Hopper March 28, 2003
Tit for tat. Quid pro quo. The core drive of western society. That which drives us to do better (or worse). Recompense for a job well (or poorly) done.
I will help you out, but I require some compensation.
by whorian July 01, 2005
something that everyone in the world does all the time.
even you
by awesnemity June 01, 2010
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