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Informal Latin American Spanish, short for compañero; used to describe political (often social justice) allies.
These folks are compas, they're down.
by suom September 09, 2008
54 40
spanish slang for compadre
Ei compa, get yo ass over here
by DiVaGurl May 21, 2005
115 27
Pocho slang for compadre; pal, chum, dawg
Yo compa, bust out with the yesca...
by LeRoy November 14, 2003
133 47
COMPA ( COM PA )...Short for compadre used by chicano, old school pachucos male friends to define there close frendship and respect
Say compa you going to the game

ORALE compa ill see you there
by EL RUCO June 18, 2013
1 0