People believe that communism is not having to work for your money. This is wrong, a Communist State is when people are forced to work for their Government. They get paid through distributed food and get given a house. Most houses are not much different in communism everyone has the same thing. Most telecom is disabled so you cannot have communication with other country's to know wether or not their is a better country out their. So the only thing you were born with and know is Communism.
United Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R) Communist
by DrunkenCosmonaut March 28, 2013
A Communist is a person who believes in Communism. Where everything (mostly land and money) is equally distributed among the people and everyone is equal (no racial discrimination). Many people believe that all Communists are atheists but this NOT TRUE, some are highly spirtually.
The former U.S.S.R was a Communist country.
Lenin and Stalin were two Communists.
by RedRussian December 18, 2009
Someone who believes "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." - Karl Marx This fallacy falls apart when all communists finally snap to the fact that if their need exceeds their ability they should be able to eat without working (also see socialist, democrat).
"Those kids are a bunch of communists." in reference to a bunch of slackers all living in the same apartment who believe "someone" is supposed to go buy food.
by hillsurfer March 24, 2007
People who took the teachings of socialism too far, and too a point where it was so restrictive they were unable to install a democracy and had to combine the socialist system with a dictatorship.
Assorted Revolutionaries: Lets Make a Socialist state!
All: OK!
All: Oops!!!
by aSocialist October 08, 2003
Adjective form of Communism. Typically used for a person who believes in Communism; A person who belives that the ideal society is stateless, religionless, moneyless and classeless where the means of production (things like farms, shops, factories, roads) are owned by all members of the society, in other words a socialist, anarchist, atheist society. There may be some cases where non Atheists can be communists (such as Christian communist movement).

Like most political definitions, Communism is vaguely defined. Are members of the Chrisitan communist movement communists even though they believe in god? Was the Soviet Union Communist even though it went as far from Anarchism as can be?

What we all agree on however, is that Communists all want to abolish private ownership of the means of production (which doesn't get us anywhere, because Socialism has the same definition). Therefore Communists are fundamentally opposed to Capitalists and Aristocrats/pro-Feudalism peeps.
Vlad: hYello mY naem is-a Vlad
Heinrich: Good God! Why are you writing such bad grammar?!
Vlad: r U sume exclusioninmanist Gremmar Nazi?
Heinrich: Yes, you must be a Grammar Communist...
Vlad: Yaaeh!! all forms of Gremmar must be accepted. aBolish Priv8 owhnership of Dicktionaries!
by Attila_the_Fun November 17, 2015
Buzz word used by conservatives to describe anyone who disagrees with them politically. Interchangable with "socialist", "Marxist," and "un-American traitor".
Anyone who votes Democrat, doesn't make love to their guns, supports gay rights, or has a triple digit IQ is a goddamned communist!
by rtv0587 November 15, 2010
One who doesn't like space jam.
I don't think Michael Jordan saved the loony toons.

Yeah he did do you not like space jam you communist, anti-American?
by Guy Fieri is Jesus July 19, 2015
(Rare): Person who strongly believes in the Policies of Communism, such as Lenin or Marx.

(Uncommon): Some bored, computer addicted Aryan who read a 2 paragraph definition of communism, and now wants the whole world to convert to it, by saying "Peace, justice, and freedom" on the internet. An example are Liberals or Democrats.

(Common): Some 13-25 year old dude who saw a video of a parade from the Soviet Union on youtube, and now goes to school wearing a Che Shirt. Such as Sam Webb or Andres.
Communists, Rare, Uncommon or common, are all a bunch of crazy Mo- Fos.
by Simba The Lion July 22, 2009

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