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A word used to describe someone who is known to cause a commotion when feeling overly emotional. Portmanteau of commotion and emotional
Dont get that girl all riled up, you know she's the commotional type.
by cbo1 June 02, 2011
A word to describe the feeling one has when surrounded by commotion.
I left that bar because it was so crowded and noisy, I felt commotional.
by Snovas October 15, 2008
adj. heightened emotional response solely and directly correlated to the volume level of a party
When everyone at the party last night started singing Sweet Caroline, I got very commotional.
by aCoze May 31, 2011
A female behavior that exibits a commotion.
After finding her boyfriend deep up in her best friend, the party girl began to exhibit very commotional behavior that resulted in the police being called.
by Gary Redecker March 16, 2008