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a) a piece of personal political writing, usually a book or a pamphlet, which reflects one's own political world view, but a world view that is often radically atm-against the mainstream- or, in a liberal democracy, where free speech is allowed, considered politically incorrect (not supported by the official party in power) in one's zeitgeist.
a group of coworkersers start commenting on and discussing their friend's yet unpublished manuscript of a political book that he brought to the office, to show to his coworkers:

person a) : wow Peter, your views on abortion and other current social issues are so atm-against the mainstream-, not to mention radical.

person b): I agree, but I would also add that you may have a hard time publishing such a manuscript, since some of your conclusions are politically incorrect, especially in our era of Conservative government.

Peter : gentlemen, I appreciate and respect your opinions, but I am still proud of my commifesto.

This term is a actually an amalgamation and shortening of The Communist Manifesto
by sexydimma December 04, 2011
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