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Having a conversation through blog comments.
Garrett's Blog: What are you doing right now?
Comment from Jay: Nothing
Comment from Kelly: Your mom
Comment from Garrett: Oooo, good one.
Comment from Jay: That's so mean!
Comment form Garrett: You're mean
Comment from Jay: No I'm not!
Comment from Garrett: Just kidding! I love you.
Comment from Jay: I love you too!
by geniusfreak June 27, 2005
Noun: a conversation through coments on a social network such as facebook, twitter, or myspace.

Verb form: Commentverse
I was having an epic Commentversation on Facebook with this kid last night!
by NeilHanlon December 04, 2009
When some one comments towards some one else on facebook, triggering an entire conversation lasting anywhere between 5- 473 comments. This not only causes those not included in the commentversation to feel left out or dejected but can also create feelings of extreme irritation to those who are included but do not want to be because of the fact that they recieve notifications for every single comment.
Zach: (signs in to facebook) WOW! I have 473 notifications! people must really love me!

Joe: oh, that's just me and Karen having commentversation.

Zach: dammit. I kinda thought...

Joe: Nope, every one still hates you.
by MrDummyPants January 11, 2011
The completely normal conversation one has talking only in comments on some sort of social networking site. often results in a success at angering others who may have "liked" or commented previously on a status, or who happen to be in that picture, embarrassment at failed flirting attempts, or sometimes even a loss of major cool points
Dude, i had a huge commentversation with that chick i met at the bar last night on facebook... Now my friends are all mad at me for the 50 notifications they woke up to!
by untraceablepseudonym April 05, 2010

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