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A broadcaster who uses the airwaves (usually Fox News Network or AM radio), or blogger who uses the internet, to spread anti-government disinformation.

Favorite targets are our "foreign-born Islamic halfrican-american" President, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senators Reid and Boxer, and most democrat (sic, not "Democratic") officials. 'Activist' judges are also targeted -- the laws should remain as written in 1776.

Some commentraitors even urge '2nd Amendment' solutions. Others are content to use their white-supremicist-neochristian-xenophobic rhetoric to incite their ditto-heads to throw out all incumbents, or to act-out at public hearings, or to march around in camo gear with firearms and threatening expressions.

While most of their listeners are willig, echoing rather than forming 'opinions', commentraiters are more often shrewd broadcasters unrestrained by any need/desire to be 'truthy' (thx Stephen Colbert). A commentraitors object is not to inform, but to reap financial benefits by selling to their sheeple whatever the bleating (m)asses are easily convinced to want.
Current commentraitors Rush Limppaw, Shmen Dreck, Oh Riley, and Ann Poltergeist make me afraid, VERY afraid. I don't believe ANYthing they say, but a seemingly growing number of listeners believes EVERYthing they say, without thought or doubt. And those listeners are armed!
by Kriticalthinker July 01, 2010
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