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"comfort" the words of a math teacher.
"He is a man who enjoys his comfortability."
by Padgett September 01, 2007
When an object or area may not seem comfortable, but has the potential to be made so
The Mini Cooper is a small car, but it actually has comfortability.
by Vic Bush August 08, 2008
The quality of a place to make you feel perfectly at home or at ease.
Nicole said, "When I walked into this place, I thought, WOW, what great comfortability. They really made this a cozy and comfortable place.

On the comfortability scale, Dena's porch is a 9 1/2.
by Nicole Perry June 02, 2007
com·fort·a·bil·i·ty, noun

Definition: The level of comfort you have in the ability of another person to sexually please you.
I hit repeat because I had high comfortability.
by AmbsRed April 17, 2014
The balance between the comfort of an article of clothing and the ability to move in it
Latrell: Ay boi, these pants comfy as fuck when I be saggin'

Richard: Well pal, that's great, but your comfortability rating is way low....this fuzzy onesie offers great comfortability...I can relax on the couch or run away from bullies with great ease!
Latrell: Damn niggah you right, I'm finna go to Walmart and get me one!

Robert: Yay! Twinsies!
Latrell: Nah...We is Niggsies
by Randus Maximus March 17, 2016
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