I would assume this would be some cheap late night show like Letterman, on channel 5 possibly.
by SeungTae September 19, 2003
Top Definition
A play on the phrase tragedy of the commons. In the tragedy of the commons, each person tries to maximize their own benefit, and the end result is that everyone loses because of overutilization of limited resources. In the comedy of the commons, each person, while getting something for themselves, also (directly or indirectly) contributes back to the common good at the same time.
BitTorrent makes use of the comedy of the commons, since the more people who participate, the better the service gets.
by One Luther Blissett December 01, 2006
slapstick, three-stooges stuff
That there on the TV is some comedy of the commons.
by doodooface September 05, 2003
because the irony of the "Tragedy of the commons" is that humans (and our mental economics) are HUGELY stupid. sobig stupid.
by jek September 09, 2003
a joke that everybody copies and changes a little to seem like they made it up
That joke was comedy of the commons
by Jason September 05, 2003
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